Monthly Archives: January 2016

FreedomPop and World Domination Plans

Jan 25, 2016 |

FreedomPop is the name of a new mobile phone and wireless Internet firm located in Los Angeles, California. It was established by the team of Steven Sesar, the COO (Chief Operating Officer), and Stephen Stokols, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer). It offers text and voice services via Sprint and Clearwire. It also offers wireless data […more]

George Soros – A Man Unafraid To Speak His Mind

Jan 11, 2016 |

  George Soros fears no one. It doesn’t matter if you are the president of the United States, or you are simply running for office. If George Soros doesn’t like something, he will let you know about it. In an article published by, Mr. Soros called out two of the most prominent Republican presidential […more]