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Wen By Chaz a Hit For Women

Jul 29, 2016 |

I have always admired women with beautiful hair. I’m not really sure why but it’s always been the one thing that I admired the most about women. When I was growing up my mom had beautiful hair, my grandma and every other woman I knew so naturally since I wanted to be like them I […more]

Brian Bonar Receives Honorary Award for Leadership Role at Dalrada Financial Corporation

Jul 27, 2016 |

Leadership requires skills and the right leader that’s passionate about mentoring and courageously driven to lead others in the workplace. The leader may be a corporate executive, chairman, manager, entrepreneur, or supervisor of a small to large sized company. Brian Bonar, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Dalrada Financial Corporation is a […more]

More Than The Name Changes For Goettl

Jul 21, 2016 |

The Goettl Air Conditioning brand has been one of the best respected and most historic in the air conditioning industry in my own opinion for a number of years, but a change of name and management has seen the company reach new levels of success in recent months. A success I have been happy to see first hand through my own use of the skills of the company. Heading the change of fortunes for the Arizona and Nevada based brand has been the new owner Ken Goodrich, who took control of the company at a time when the Goettl name had been awarded an F rating by the Better Business Bureau; to reflect the change of ownership and let the rating reflect the new approach by Goodrich and his team a name change was undertaken to Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Repairmen, according to The News. I was unhappy with to see a brand I had grown up with fall to a low level, but the arrival of Ken Goodrich seems to have given the company the boost it needed. Goodrich has been involved in the air conditioning industry for most of his life and began his own career as a ten year old assisting his father in servicing Goettl equipment. Much like Ken Goodrich I was sad to see the Goettl brand leave the state of Nevada, but have been happy to see the company return to the state with a new presence in Las Vegas. The decision by Ken Goodrich to bring his company back to Las Vegas and the heart of the community with a commitment made to education in the state has been one of the best made by the company in a number of years, in my own humble opinion. Original Sources:

InnovaCare Health Connects Patients To Quality Physicians And Medicare Providers

Jul 9, 2016 |

Medicare is a part of retirement that you want to have your t’s crossed and i’s dotted when you go to apply for. A big part of receiving medicare benefits that cover your needs is having a Medicare Advantage Plan that works for you. To get a Medicare Advantage Plan, you just need to have […more]

A Factory That Is Not a Factory

Jul 9, 2016 |

Mike Baur’s factory is very different from the stereotypical metal building filled with large machines and hardworking men who operate them. Baur’s factory does not manufacture products, but businesses run by equally hardworking owners. Interested in finance and banking as a teenager, Baur attended the University of Rochester, New York where he received an MBA. […more]

How to Plan Big Events with Little to no Stress

Jul 8, 2016 |

If there is one thing that people experience with event planning can agree on, it is that planning parties can be very stressful. This is quite ironic because parties are often where people go to have fun and relieve their stress. However, there are a lot of tips that Lauren Conrad could provide according to […more]

Nutrimost’s Rivalry with Healthy Living

Jul 6, 2016 |

Nutrimost is a company dedicated to wellness and weight loss options for customers. They create nutrition, supplement and chiropractor recommendations to help you achieve the weight loss goals you want to see happen. They also have doctors and chiropractors you can talk to about your needs. A weight product company by the name Nutrimost decided to sue their rival Healthy Living after they believed that the Healthy Living company copied their promotional material. The video in question was placed on the Healthy Living website: “”. The Manhatten Federal Court is saying that the video was taken from the Nutrimost website and every reference to the Nutrimost brand was replaced with Can’t Lose Diet. Testimonials were even left within the video only Can’t Lose Diet was credited for the results from the customer testimonials. A statement directly referencing the Nutrimost diet plan was kept in the video. The hyphen NRF -which means Nutrimost resonant frequency- was left within the video. The statement that you can lose twenty to forty-five pounds in forty days while using this product was also left in and is commonly a stat that Nutrimost uses to promote their product. Healthy Living left the video up even after Nutrimost had a cease and desist letter sent their way. They did alter the video even further though, to make it shorter and supposedly less obvious that they pirated the video. Nutrimost hopes to block the video from ever being shown again by Healthy Living and they want three hundred thousand dollars in damages for Healthy Living stealing their video. The video has since been taken off of Healthy Living’s website. When looking over the stats that Nutrimost and Healthy Living proclaim that their product can do for people, they actually do list the same promises for weight loss seekers. However, the question remains whether Healthy Living’s weight loss stats are just stolen from the Nutrimost video. Sources: