Relmada Files a Lawsuit on Laidlaw & Company Principals over Wrongfully Dissemination of Information

Sep 22, 2016 |

In the financial journalism, sound advice is very rare, and this contributes to the bad investments. There is a lot of financial pressure on the media, which contribute to the publishing of some articles that may contain information that misleads the investors. An article published in Globe and Mail that featured a portfolio manager and partner at Avenue Investment Management, Paul Harris gave justifications for his stock picks, and any investor would be compelled to purchase them. Stock picks have a low record of accomplishment in the market presently, and investors should avoid using it as an investment strategy. What the experts will not tell you is their predictive records of the markets, and the media should give the detailed information that the investors need.

Laidlaw & Company Ltd, headquartered in New York offers investment banking and wealth management services to the individuals or institutions. Their banking services include raising capital through placement of equity with institutional and high net worth retail investors, acquisition financing, the arrangement of national exchange listings, the trading markets in U.S., AIM-listed transactions in UK market and public offerings. Laidlaw also offers advisory services on financial restructuring, fairness opinions, acquisitions and mergers among others. The management services include financial planning, management of portfolios and investments consultancy.

Relmada filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd and two of its principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern who is the CEO and Managing Partner and Head of the Capital Markets consecutively. Relmada claimed that the two directors disseminated materially false and misleading proxy materials while Laidlaw attempted to take control of the pharmaceutical company. The court had previously issued a restraining order against Laidlaw but later they granted an injunction that stopped Laidlaw from disseminating any false or misleading information.Relmada can now hope that laidlaw will act differently.

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