Athletically Fabulous: Fabletics

Sep 23, 2016 |

Many times, when people go looking for new athletic clothing, they have to make a choice between style, comfort, and sturdiness on Mic. The cute pink top may be comfortable, but once you start moving, will it stay on properly? How about the boring top that actually stays on and offers proper support throughout your work out? Obviously, there are those rare gems that are comfy, durable, and look good, but at what cost? Your whole wallet, it seems, and then some. There’s always a catch to these things, always that one factor that forces you to back out of buying the one item out of the bunch that would suit all of your needs. Thankfully, the days for this tragedy are coming to a close, thanks to Fabletics.

As one can guess from the name, Fabletics promotes fashion as well as athleticism. Their brand promises comfy, durable, and fun to wear athletes outfits every month for their subscribers, and their direct-to-consumer business allows them to sell their products at much more reasonable prices. With their VIP program, those prices become even lower, letting consumers pick from even more outfits to receive each month.

Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, is even taking the company a step further, with dresses designed with a broader range of movement in mind, called Athleisure on The dresses are classy, and made with the same material good work out clothes are designed with. The result is a sexy, easy to wear, easy to move in, formal or casual dress that can be worn anytime, anywhere. Some of these dresses come with built in bras, a blessing to many women out there who hate having to combo the two.

As if that weren’t enough, Fabletics is starting to reach out to more stores, so as to expand their accessibility and availability to people everywhere, and certainly making it easier to try on the items before buying them; allowing you to find the style and fit that work best for you and your body.

Fabletics is a company excited to help boost women’s confidence in their bodies, as well as to promote exercise in a highly fashionable format. They are dedicated to helping women find what they want and need to better fit in with their routines and their work out styles, using simple surveys to determine what combinations of what materials, designs, and more would work best for each woman as an individual.

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