Tackling Tyrannic Regimes with Style

Oct 15, 2016 |

The world is filled with strife. There are some places worst off than others. That is why there are activists like Thor Halvorssen. His record at attempting to improve the lives of oppressed people all over the world is well-known throughout the world, and he is especially well-known by the oppressors. His life has led him into some difficult places, but his desire to help these people has continued to drive him in his campaign against these oppressive governments. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: http://www.forbes.com/sites/thorhalvorssen/


Thor Halvorssen may not have had any other option that a life of activism. The stance of protecting human rights all throughout the world has been one help by his family for a very long period of time. His mother was killed during an activist demonstration, and his dad was tortured in prison after revealing government corruptions. Farther back, on his mother’s side, Thor is a direct descendant of Simon Bolivar. Simon “The Liberator” Bolivar was known for his part in freeing Latin America from the clutches of Spain. Thor, himself, has picked up their mantle of protecting human rights. He has been beaten, thrown in jail, and he constantly has to deal with death threats. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

 His Personality

Halvorssen is not bogged down by the ‘world weary’ attitude that so many other activist carry around with them. He really does love people. He does not add any requirements in there. He simply loves people, and that is the end of the story. He is always in contact with people that have stood up to their oppressors by defecting to another country.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen works with them to provide some relief to the people still stuck within the walls of tyrannic governments like North Korea. Thor will energetically have in-depth conversations about everything from his personal life to his hopes for a world free from strife. In fact, he is so comfortable that he let a journalist know that he is gay. His friends and family know about his preferences, but he has not seen a point in declaring it to the world.

Regardless of what happens in the next few decades, there is little doubt that Thor Halvorssen will have had an irreversible effect on the world. He continues to lift people out of oppressive countries, and he does it all while wearing stylish clothing. He truly goes after these tyrannic regimes with style!

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