Big Blue Robot Firm Helps Companies Understand Online Reputation Management

Jan 16, 2017 |

Online Reputation Management firm Big Blue Robot has recently published How Online Reputation Management Works, which seeks to help companies understand what reputation management is and how to make it work for them. Don Sorensen published the essay and is the president of Blue Robot.

Don Sorensen has been working with companies, improving their online reputations for years. He has instructed Fortune 500 companies how manage their personal and corporate reputations. He emphasized instructing his clients to keep customer service issues from becoming nightmares for the companies.

Your online reputation can affect not just your company but also your company’s bottom line. Don Sorensen began to instruct his clients because he believes companies need to understand how their online reputation affects their company both financially and press coverage.

Sorensen offers several tips in the article, that can ensure companies online reputation is clean and professional, in industries that are cutthroat and strongly rely on a continual stream of customer support. Don Sorensen also advises companies on what a company should look for, when they are attempting to hire an online reputation management firm such as Big Blue Robot.

His recent article has also helped many in the entrepreneurial community. Don Sorensen has said that 95% of companies that hire a firm like is, is because they found something negative, when they did a google search on themselves. Don Sorensen has been recognized as one of the top experts in online reputation management and has been featured in several media outlets including: New York Times, USA Today and CNN.





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